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Eight Innovations to Leading Millennials:

How Millennials Can Grow Your Church and Change the World

Church leaders are struggling to turn the tide of this epidemic exodus. It doesn't surprise me when I read almost universal statistics of Millennials abandoning church. Why? Because I am a millennial. And I almost left the church. Now, to my own surprise, I pastor a church that reaches a lot of millennials.

I spent over 2 years reading articles and books on why Millennials are leaving the church, and saw a common pattern of false conclusions about this generation. I wanted to go beyond describing the problem - I wanted to help pastors with practical solutions.

I write this insightful set of solutions for pastors and leaders as both a Millennial and a practitioner.

Born in 1982, I sit on the boundary between Generation X and the Millennials. While I don't completely fit in either generation, my age gives me a unique insight into both.

The easy temptation is to assume that the solution is simply to airbrush church as we know it. Marketing. Social media. Branding. Young people want a more relevant church experience... right? The assumption - if church services where more modern and entertainment based that millennials would come running back to church- is a mis-read. It assumes millennials are shallow. They don't want to contribute. They don't want deep teaching. And on these matters, we couldn't be further from the truth.

The facts show us a different story. Millennials are educated. Cause driven. Mission focused. Deep thinkers.

If we mis-diagnose the problem, we will never heal the ailment.

Sure, modernisations that enhance a church service may help. But we need to dig deeper. Digging deeper means peeling back the layers of church services, programs, styles, and get to the core issue - culture.

This beautifully designed 80 page full color guide provides 8 key solutions to leading Millennials:

  1. Use Of Technology And Social Media
  2. Relational Leadership Style
  3. Collaborative Organizational Structure
  4. Dynamic Program And Events
  5. Depth In Spiritual Discipleship
  6. Facilities That Represent Your Culture
  7. Leadership in Finances
  8. Emphasis on Social Rather Than Political Engagement

By effectively reaching and leading Millennials, you have the power to grow your church.

By 2030, Millennials will represent 75% of the global workforce. Will they represent 75% of your church?

Read now and get literally hundreds of hours of study, and years of practical ministry solutions, in one easy to read book.

PublisherThrive Company

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