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Moravian Church in North America
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The Connected Generation - US Country Report:

How Christian Leaders Around the World Can Strengthen Faith and Well-Being Among 18-35-Year-Olds

The Connected Generation - Helping Church Leaders More Effectively Minister to 18–35-Year-Olds Ministering to Millenials is challenging. These young adults are coming of age in a rapidly changing culture, and they can feel difficult to reach and relate to. To better understand this “Connected Generation,” Barna partnered with World Vision and undertook the largest study it has ever done, featuring 15,000 respondents in 25 countries and 9 languages. The findings show that, just like the generations that came before them, young people desperately need to experience the love of God In fact… Only 33% of the 18–35-year-olds studied say, “I often feel deeply cared for by those around me” An even smaller percentage reports feeling that “someone believes in me” Sadly, just two out of five of these young adults claim to be optimistic about the future And contrary to stereotypes, overall, 18–35-year-olds around the world express an overwhelming openness to spirituality—or, at least, the possibility of a spiritual dimension. If you’re looking for strategies to help you minister more effectively to young adults, this report can help, giving you a new level of insight into: The challenges and fears young people face The attitudes young people have toward church and religion The causes young people care about, and how the church can partner across generations to be a force for positive change Millennials don’t have to be a mystery. Get to know the Connected Generation and start ministering to them more effectively through your church, organization or business.

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