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He Is Risen:

Rocks Tell the Story of Easter

Through stunning rock art, captivating text, and Scripture, the miracle of Easter unfolds across these pages in a beautiful and moving way--as bold, unique, and captivating of an experience for children as is it for adults.

Behold the death and resurrection of Jesus in a way you never have before, through majestic rock art and powerful text that inspires awe and wonder surrounding the magnificent story of Easter. Children and adults alike will be absorbed in the nature-filled artwork that shows the most important, hope-filled events in human history.

Ultimately, He Is Risen is an unforgettable picture book that features stunning rock art that reveals new artistic details with each and every read, as the magnificent story of God's greatest gift to his children comes to life. And it might just inspire your little artist to create their own Easter masterpiece.

He Is Risen:

  • Is the only picture book of its kind to tell the story of the very first Easter through creative rock art by artist Patti Rokus
  • Features a stunning cover that includes sculpted embossing and shines with foil
  • Is perfect for children ages 4-8 and their parents and grandparents
  • Is an attention-keeping teaching tool for preschool, kindergarten, and Sunday school teachers

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