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Moravian Church in North America
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COMPASS Series: Parent Wellness Circle:

Program Workbook

The Parent Wellness Circle Program is intended for a group of parents who desire a group for support and companionship as they work on increasing their family’s well-being. In the program parents take an assessment that covers all eight areas of wellness, then over six weeks work on paying more attention to one of those areas. Each week there is a group discussion related to some truth healthy parenting, and group members share the progress or challenges they are experiencing as they strive to create greater wellness for themselves and their families. This program is not explicitly Christian, for two reasons. The first is so that each leaders can personalize the program with prayers and teachings from their own tradition and the second is so that the program can be offered as an outreach to the community, serving parents of all faith backgrounds. It is highly recommended, but not required that the person facilitating this group attend a training.

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