Moravian Church in North America

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Moravian Church in North America
North: Bethlehem, Pa.
South: Winston-Salem, N.C.

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40 Voices:

A Lenten Devotional

If you knew you were dying soon, would you see the people around you differently? Jesus knew in his last week before the resurrection that the end of his human life neared. He knew exactly how events would unfold. He knew what the voices of the people and places around him would say. 40 Voices - A Lenten Devotional captures the words and settings surrounding Jesus that final week, so we hear them with new insights. Their stories and experiences hold wisdom for us today and show us the transformational power of the cross. Jesus' presence in their story predicts his proximity within our story. Lent offers us a time to deepen our relationship with Jesus and to hear God in new ways. 40 Voices - a Lenten Devotional will give you a fresh look to the sounds from Christ's journey to the cross and will inspire and enrich our journey through Lent. Each reading opens with scripture and a thought-provoking reflection and closes with a suggested symbol to observe, a question to ponder, and a prayer to guide your time with God. Listen to the voices on the way to Calvary and draw closer to Christ.

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