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Loving Teenagers with the Gospel

You dont have to look too far for evidence that teenagers and young adults are struggling in our world. A changing culture, the ways social media connects (and alienates), the difficulties of starting a career, and so many other reasons that students struggle to know God, themselves, and their place in this world. There are many different explanations for why teenagers and young adults struggle, but one thing they all have in common is a desire to be loved. Students today are hungry for love. If the gospel is the greatest love story ever told, how do we come alongside to share it with our young friends? Sharing the gospel is far more than sharing information. Its opening up our lives and sharing our souls. Its unveiling our longings, fears, and joys. Its inviting others into our mess and being willing to step into theirs. This book will inspire and direct you in coming alongside the students in your life, whether you are a parent, youth pastor, youth group leader, grandparent, coach, or teacher. If Jesus has come alongside you, you can bring Jesus to the young people in your life. Alongside gives readers the insight, tools, framework, and inspiration to share Jesus and your life with students and to communicate the gospel by your actions and your words. With students, as with all of us, the word and deed of the gospel must go hand in hand.

PublisherNew Growth Press
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