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Moravian Church in North America
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Spiritual Conversations in a Digital Age:

How Christians' Approach to Sharing Their Faith Has Changed in 25 Years

Evangelism has changed in the past quarter century. The ways Christians share, how often they engage in spiritual conversations and their goals for sharing faith are different. And in a culture where relativism is the norm and fewer believe in absolute truth, the attitudes and responses of those who hear the gospel have also evolved. Produced in partnership with Lutheran Hour Ministries and based on all-new research, Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age offers insights on: Shifting definitions and practices over the past 25 years, including the perceived impact of social media Perceptions of faith sharing from both sides of the conversation: the sharer and the hearer A data-based profile of eager evangelists Generational analysis of today’s climate for spiritual conversations Infographics, charts and other data visualizations Technology and rapid cultural shifts may have altered the face of evangelism, but the Great Commission remains. This new report tracks what has changed so that leaders can coach Christians to be effective in sharing the unchanging good news. Full color with infographics. 96 pages.

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