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Moravian Church in North America
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Finding the Prophetic Voice in Unexpected Places (Leader Guide)

The Shout is rooted in the first words of Isaiah 58: "Shout loudly; don't hold back; raise your voice like a trumpet!" In the prophet’s shout, Isaiah explains to the people that their religious rituals are not enough to make their voices heard by God.God is frustrated with their inconsistency as they seek God’s attention while mistreating those around them. In these words, the searching heart of many within the millennial generation finds a home. Here there is the opportunity to recognize that God stands with the community, feeling the same anger and frustration that many feel when injustice prevails and the church is distant from those who suffer. The Shout invites participants to learn to hear God's voice among those within the community, which often emerges as a prophetic "shout!" akin to Isaiah 58. This interactive, video-based curriculum engages individual perspectives (Whispers), group responses (Shouts), and community action (Echoes). It has six sessions, with each session focused on a question rooted in the directives of Isaiah 58. The curriculum offers a framework for small group discussions, in which participants explore their own answers after first hearing the perspectives of artists and creative thinkers. Participants are encouraged to venture into their community to listen for unheard prophetic voices and to help these voices be heard. This study challenges readers and leaders to echo the shout by finding ways to take action in collaboration with their community. Designed for use with The Shout journal and video (DVD or Mp4), The Leader Guide helps leaders facilitate a small group using The Shout curriculum. It contains instructions on how to use the interactive journal and video in each session, as well as additional teaching content from the author. Participant's Book, Leader Guide and DVD loaned out separately

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