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Restoring Trust Between the Sacred and the Secular

The growing disconnect between the instructions of Jesus and the actions of his followers has caused a rift. Instead of reaching out beyond our walls, we hold tight to traditions that seem outdated. Instead of exploring other faith perspectives, we shake a judgmental fist at a secular society. Instead of engaging culture in their questions about what our lives should be like, we talk as if God only cares about the next life. As a result, our witness has become as divisive as sin itself.
This book is a call to restore the trust that we have lost in our relationships with each other and with God. Expounding on stories from the Bible, history, culture, and his own experiences, Fromholz explores the source of the disconnect and provides a blueprint for reconnection.
A snowball fight between soldiers and students demonstrates that trust can overcome fear. The biblical story of Abraham and Sarai shows how restoring trust can restore faith in God. The author's seventeen-year search for his father sends a powerful message: new trust brings a new future. Through authentic, honest, and challenging prose, Fromholz examines the power trust has in freedom, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Recognizing that we are part of this culture and life around us, Broken will inspire us to be who we were always created to be, connected and restored, so that we can find--and multiply--hope.

PublisherAbingdon Press
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