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Believe Upside Down::

Is Better Than Right Side Up

Stories can entertain and amuse. Stories can enlighten and inform. But in the hands of Jesus, stories can turn lives upside down.

That's what junior highers will discover as youth workers lead them through Upside Down. This video-based, conversation-driven series can be a powerful tool for turning students' worlds upside down--and for helping them see that upside down is way better than right-side up.

Jesus' parables were earthly stories with a heavenly meaning, and one reason they remain so powerful today is because of how Jesus surprised his audience--and surprises us. We think we know the story's point and how things will resolve--but then Jesus flips things upside down. It isn't what we expected.

Each week, middle schoolers will discuss the dynamic truths wrapped up inside Jesus' parables--including parables that students may have never heard: Lesson 1: Parable of the Pharisee and Tax Collector (14:12)Lesson 2: Parable of the Vineyard Workers (14:39)Lesson 3: Parable of the Unforgiving Servant (15:01)Lesson 4: Parables of the Hidden Treasure and the Pearl (13:32)

In addition to the video teachings, the curriculum also includes discussion guides, promotional materials, and other helpful materials. And all of the resources are editable and reproducible.

Offer junior highers a glimpse into how God sees things. Exploring these parables will help students discover how God's ways are so much better than our ways--always!

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