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Moravian Church in North America
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Fantasy, Fact And Faith on Wisteria Lane

In what she calls a "sometimes cheeky" meditation on Desperate Housewives, Shawnthea Monroe looks for signs of good news among the manicured lawns and tawdry plots of the hit television show. Posing deep questions ("Is Zero Even a Size?") and exploring topics such as "Sex and the Suburbs, or Dance of the Seven Tank Tops" and "Children: the Perfect Accessory," Monroe finds that beneath the farce, the issues faced by the women of Wisteria Lane are ones many of us experience. She takes a "down-to-earth" look at those issues from a Christian perspective and, with a style and humor all her own, Monroe shows us that while we may have a little dirty laundry, we are not desperate.

PublisherChalice Press
Call IDWomen - Main Room Mo

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